Anodic Oxidation Flat Plate Solar Collector

Instantaneous Efficiency Curve

Collector Model use for test: STE-2C-AO-F2
Aperture area used for curve:1.91m
Solar Irradiation level: Approx. 900W/m2
* Test result from certified third-party laboratory.
Feature & Advantage :
 1) Patented special design frame and unique sealing structure provide a robust construction. Absolute tightness construction to prevent formation of water mist inside collector, very suitable for Southeast Asian market.
 2) High performance Fusion Bonding alumnium fin or Package Ultrasonic Welding alumnium fin optional , 360° Heat exchange for more heat transfer. No welding points on coating absorber and no damage on riser tubes.
 3) Full back embossed aluminum plate features both high aesthetics and anti-corrosion.
 4) Low-iron tempered textured glass provides excellent strength, anti-glare surface with 92% solar transmittance.
 5) STE-C-AO-P series Flat Plate Solar Collector is the most economical, cost-effective ones.
Model No. & Specification STE-C-AO-P STE-C-AO-P1 STE-C-AO-F1 STE-C-AO-F2
Dimension Length*Width*Thickness 1000/1500/2000*1000/1250*80mm
Absorber  Header Tube (Copper Tube)  Φ22/25*δ0.5/0.6mm
Riser Tube (Copper Tube)  Φ9/10/15*δ0.5/0.6mm  8pcs
Max. Working Pressure 0.8Mpa
Absorber Coating  Anodic Oxidation
Absorber Material Aluminium Strip Aluminium Fusion Bonding Strip
Absorber Material Thickness 0.3mm 0.5/0.6mm
Welding Method  Package Ultrasonic Welding Fusion Bonding
Insulation Fiber Glass 24kg/m³ Density  / 30mm Thickness / Aluminum Foil Full Packaging
Cover Material  Low-iron Tempered Textured Glass / 3.2mm Thickness 
Transmittance  Above 92%
Casing  Frame  Special Bending Design Extrusion Aluminum Frame Combine Extrusion Aluminum Frame Combine Extrusion Aluminum Frame Special Bending Design Extrusion Aluminum Frame
Frame Color  Silver / Champagne/Black
Frame Thickness  1mm 
Back Plate   Embossed Aluminum Plate / 0.5mm Thickness
Sealing Silicone Glue

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