Evacuated Tube System

Water tank (inner) SUS304-2B(Food grade)/Argon Arc Welding/Thickness 0.5mm
Water tank (outer) Galvanized steel with color steel/ thickness:0.35mm,(White color)
Insulation Polyurethane Foam(Bayer,Germany)/ thickness:50mm/ Density: 42kg/m3
Vacuum tubes Whole glass vacuum tubes adopt super hard borax and silica glass. 58*1800mm,Three target
Bracket Galvanized  steel with coating /Thickness:1.5mm
Accessories Heating element, intelligent controller

Medel# Capacity Dimension Vacuum tubes Gross Area Weight 40HQ Loading
STE-LPWH90 90L 870*1720*1585mm 58*1800mm*9pcs 1.32m2 59.0KGs 190sets
STE-LPWH120 120L 1100*1720*1585mm 58*1800mm*12pcs 1.77m2 68.0KGs 135sets
STE-LPWH150 150L 1350*1720*1585mm 58*1800mm*15pcs 2.45m2 78.0KGs 120sets
STE-LPWH200 180L 1590*1720*1585mm 58*1800mm*18pcs 2.66m2 84.0KGs 100sets
STE-LPWH240 240L 2070-1720*1585mm 58*1800mm*24pcs 3.56m2 110.0KGs 77sets
STE-LPWH300 300L 1590*1720*1585mm 58*1800mm*30pcs 4.42m2 130.0KGs 65sets

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