Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Component Material Technical Discription
Manifold Box Aluminium 3003 Cross section size 115x125 mm, wall-thickness 2.0mm, rock wool insulation
Header Pipe C12200 copper Diameter 35mm, wall-thickness 0.8mm,99.9% purity copper
Heat Pipe Condenser C10200 copper Diameter 14mm, wall-thickness 0.8mm,99.5% purity copper
Heat Pipe   C10200 copper Diameter 8mm, wall thickness 0.6mm, 99.5% purity copper
Fin Absorber Aluminum 1060 Thichness 0.15mm 
Seadiment Method Three Target magnetron sputtering plating
Tube Sealing Plug Silicone and SUS 3mm thickness,stainless flange connection with HTV silicone
Evacated Tube Borosilicated glass Diameter 58mm, wall-thickness 1.6mm, length 1800mm
Mounting Frame Anodised aluminum Cross section size 40x30 mm, wall-thickness 2.0mm

Collector Quantity  Overall Aperture Gross Gross Dry Fulid Max. Working Stationary
Code Of tubes Dimension Area Area Weight Capacity Pressure Temperature
STE-HPSC12 12 900*1980mm 1.14m2 1.78m2 39.5KGs 0.35L 0.7Mpa 230℃
STE-HPSC15 15 1280*1980mm 1.43m2 2.53m2 49.5KGs 0.42L 0.7Mpa 230℃
STE-HPSC20 20 1650*1980mm 1.91m2 3.27m2 66.0KGs 0.53L 0.7Mpa 230℃
STE-HPSC25 25 2000*1980mm 2.38m2 3.96m2 80.5KGs 0.65L 0.7Mpa 230℃
STE-HPSC30 30 2380*1980mm 2.85m2 4.85m2 95.5KGs 0.76L 0.7Mpa 230℃

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