Pre-heat Evacuaed Solar Water Heater

Key Feature & Benefits

How water provided with constant temperature 

Supply high quality of hot water rapidly by copper exchanger

Direct connect with tap water with high and stable water flow                        

Non-pressurized system design brings long lifespan usage                               

Easy Installation and Operation

Product Info

. Stainless steel 304 inner tank 0.5mm 

. Color coating steel outer tank 0.4mm 

. Three target 58*1800mm vacuum tubes 

. Polyurethane foaming insolation 50mm

 . Galvanized steel mounting frame

Medel# Tube Specification Aperture Area Capacity Inner/outer tank Dia. 40HQ Loading
STE-LPPWH10 58*1800mm*10pcs 1.38m2 100L 360/470mm 120sets
STE-LPPWH12 58*1800mm*12pcs 1.66m2 120L 360/470mm 113sets
STE-LPPWH15 58*1800mm*15pcs 2.08m2 150L 360/470mm 107sets
STE-LPPWH18 58*1800mm*18pcs 2.57m2 180L 360/470mm 96sets
STE-LPPWH20 58*1800mm*20pcs 2.85m2 200L 360/470mm 91sets
STE-LPPWH25 58*1800mm*25pcs 3.55m2 250L 360/470mm 77sets
STE-LPPWH30 58*1800mm*30pcs 4.16m2 300L 360/470mm 66sets
STE-LPPWH36 58*1800mm*36pcs 5.14m2 360L 360/470mm 52sets

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