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Open-Loop Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater

  • Open-Loop Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater
  • Open-Loop Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater
Open-Loop Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater


High Cost-Performance System

· Natural thermosiphon circulation heat water directly without heat lost in second transfer.

· Best value anodic oxidation flat plate collector provide both cost-efficiency and high performance.

· Large capacity storage tank with 50mm thick insulation layer, offer superior heat preserve performance.

Design for Comfortable Use

· Pressurized design supply heated water with stable temperature and flow rate.

· Hot water regardless of the weather with electric booster.

Easy Installation and Operation

· Modular parts and components for easy transport, installation and maintenance.

· Intelligent controller can prevent overheating, reduce maintenance in daily usage.

· Enamel coated tank provide excellent working condition & longer service life with no leakage, rust-free and high strength.


Model No. & SpecificationSTE-CTO150/2STE-CTO200/2.5STE-CTO300/4
Water TankCirculation Type Pressurized Open Circuit 
Tank Capacity 150 L200 L300 L
External DimensionØ570*1190mmØ570*1490mmØ650*1580mm
Inner Tank MaterialStainless steel 304/316, Enamel coating steel/ 1.5~2.5mm
Outer Tank MaterialColor Coating Steel / Stainless Steel /0.5mm
Magnesium rods φ15X200mm
Insulation Material50mm Polyurethane 
 Intelligent controller 1 Set
Electrical Booster1.5KW2.0KW2.5KW
Flat Plate Solar CollectorCollector ModelsSTE-2C-AO-F2STE-2.5C-AO-F2STE-2C-AO-F2
 Quantities1 piece1 piece2 pieces
Absorber Coating & MaterialAnodic Oxidation /Aluminium Fusion Bonding Strip / 0.5mm Thickness
 FrameSpecial Bending Design Extrusion Aluminum Frame / 1.0mm Thickness 
 CoverLow-iron Tempered Textured Glass / 3.2mm Thickness
TubeHeader Tube : Φ22*δ0.5mm  Riser Tube:Φ10*δ0.5mm  
Back PlateEmbossed Aluminum Plate / 0.5mm Thickness
InsulationFiber Glass/24kg/m³ Density / 30mm Thickness / Aluminum Foil Full Packaging
Bracket MaterialPainted Galvanized Steel/Stainless Steel
Install TypeInclined / Flat Roof 
AccessoriesCopper Connector1 Set
Flexible Stainless Steel Tube1 Set
Weight Whole System Weight (Empty)140KG160KG210KG
Loading Quantities20GP ContainerInclined Roof : 40 SetsInclined Roof : 32 SetsInclined Roof : 22 Sets
Flat Roof :35 SetsFlat Roof : 27 SetsFlat Roof : 21 Sets
40HQ ContainerInclined Roof :85 SetsInclined Roof :69 SetsInclined Roof :47 Sets
Flat Roof :73 SetsFlat Roof :55 SetsFlat Roof :43 Sets